Carrie Thorne, ESMT
Hamilton Ridge Farm, Inc
The Zen Sheet allows you to easily apply
either cold or heat therapy to specific
areas of your horse.
Why the Zen Sheet?
* No power source is required
* It is stress free for horse and owner--It's as simple as
having your horse wear a sheet!
* It's economical
* Our cold packs are safe, non-toxic, and can be reused
for many applications
* Ziploc bags of ice can be used instead of ice packs
Why Use Heat Therapy?
*Use 'rice' bags or other heating bags in
the pockets of the sheet to provide warmth
to your horses topline
* Apply heat to back prior to riding in cold
* Reduce stiffness in muscles
Why Use Cold Therapy?
* Treat acute injuries with cold to reduce
* Cooling an area can reduce pain/discomfort
caused by work/training
Please consult your veterinarian prior to using the Zen
sheet for acute injuries.

Your veterinarian can help you in developing a plan for the use
of the Zen Sheet.