Carrie Thorne, ESMT
Hamilton Ridge Farm, Inc
Method 1:
Slide frozen packs into pockets while the sheet is on
the horse. Velcro the pocket closed.
The shoulder pockets can be used
separately with an ice pack in each side
pocket.  Or you can use the longer ice
pack and slide each end into the pockets
covering the entire wither area. (As shown
to the left)
                         TIPS FOR USE
* Ziploc bags filled with ice are a great alternative to our ice packs

*'Rice' bags that can be placed in a microwave can be used to apply heat

* Ice packs can be re-hydrated when necessary

* Be careful not to over soak packs or they my split upon freezing

* Place cool packs in freezer with shiny plastic sides facing each other so
packs will not freeze together

* Don't worry if it looks like your packs are sweating - this is normal- the
water will be reabsorbed

* Store packs in frozen state once hydrated; or store in airtight container to
preserve the gel in the packs

* Store the frozen packs in the sheet by folding the sheet up with the packs in
it and placing the entire sheet in the freezer

* Store frozen packs in a plastic trash or shopping bag so they can be
layered on top of each other and not stick together
The Zen Sheet can be machine
washed in cold water on a
delicate/gentle cycle, or hosed off.

*** Do Not Tumble Dry***
Air dry only!
The Zen Sheet is NOT designed for

Do NOT leave your horse
unattended while using the Zen