Carrie Thorne, ESMT
Hamilton Ridge Farm, Inc
Since I started doing Equine
Sports Massage Therapy I
have had the privilege of
working on many different
horses.  I have massaged
miniatures and drafts, foals
and geriatrics, competitive
athletes and backyard pets.  
The amazing part is that I have
seen positive results with each
and every massage I have
Most have fallen somewhere in between… Faster barrel pattern times, better
lateral work,  a smoothness in a horses gaits, a relaxed and happier attitude.

Sometimes I have been an owner’s last resort when nothing else has brought
their horse relief or some level of soundness.

All this being true, in every horse I have worked on there is one common
I have left the horse more comfortable than I found him.

My goal is to bring relief to as many horses as I can through Equine Sports
Massage Therapy.

Let me show you the benefits Equine Sports Massage Therapy can have on
your horse.  I look forward to meeting you and your horse and to helping you
achieve your goals… whatever they may be!
Sometimes the result is more
dramatic... A horse unable to be
ridden returning to work or a horse
with severely contracted tendons
comfortable enough to trot after her
pasture mate with ears pricked and
eyes bright.
Sometimes the result is subtle… a longer
extension or a cleaner jumping effort.
Why Use Massage Therapy...