Carrie Thorne, ESMT
Hamilton Ridge Farm, Inc

I am a certified Equine Sports
Massage Therapist.

I am a member of the International
Association of Animal Massage

I am a member of the United States
Dressage Federation, the United
States Equestrian Federation and
the Midwest Dressage Association.

I have over 20 years experience in
horse care/managment.

I currently ride and show Dressage.
For as long as I can remember I
have loved horses!  As a child I
was in Pony Club and I
graduated as a teenager with a
C1 rating.  I was fortunate
enough to Event at the novice
level, and fox hunt with the Fox
River Valley Hunt Club in
Illinois.  I rode thoroughbreds
off the race track, and
exercised polo ponies spending
their summer in the cooler
climate.  I trail rode and
participated in Pony Club
Rallies, and basically got on
any horse that was offered to
As an adult I picked up Abby, a thoroughbred
mare, off of the race track as a three year old and
have never looked back.  My first two foals were
born on the farm in 2006, and my husband and I
currently run a small private boarding and
rehabilitation facility in Leslie, Michigan.

I became interested in Equine Sports Massage
Therapy when I realized that if massage therapy
could help me, it could surely help my eclectic and
sometimes motley crew of horses.  I was already
familiar with equine anatomy and behavior, so I
started researching schools for learning Equine
Massage techniques.  

I found Equissage Inc., in Round Hill, VA which was
founded and is operated by Mary Schreiber.  This
school came highly recommended and I was able
to speak to some therapists who had been though
the program and were currently practicing in my
area.  I attended the Equissage program and
became certified as an Equine Sports Massage
Therapist in early 2007.  I have been working on
horses, mine as well as clients, ever since.  It has
been a very rewarding experience; and the best
part is I learn something from every horse I work
on and every owner I meet!
Carrie and Casanova G
aka "Grant"
2007 Dutch Warmblood