Carrie Thorne, ESMT
Hamilton Ridge Farm, Inc
'Zen Sheet'
The easiest and most economical tool to apply heat or
cold to your horses body!
Introducing the 'Zen Sheet'
This cotton horse sheet allows you to apply either cold or
heat therapy to specific areas of your horse.  The standard
model sheet has pockets over the hip, back, withers, and
shoulders.  Custom models are available for horses with
additional needs.  Each sheet is individually made for your
horse, and can be customized to address any special needs
you may have.
“My horses work hard during both their daily
training sessions and during competitions. By
putting on the ‘Zen Sheet’ I can quickly and
easily apply either cold or heat to their peak
performance.  It’s easy for the horse and
economical for the owner!”   
-Ruth Hill-Schorsch
Dressage Trainer and FEI Competitor
Developed by Equine Massage Therapist Carrie Thorne; and USDF, FEI Dressage Competitor and Trainer
Ruth Hill-Schorsch.  

The Zen Sheet was created to address the needs of our clients horses as well as our own.  It became
apparent that we needed a way to conveniently apply heat or cold to our horses topline, hips, and shoulders.
 We worked to develop an economical and practical way to do this.  We hope you find this tool as useful as
we do!
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