Carrie Thorne, ESMT
Hamilton Ridge Farm, Inc
                                                                         Leslie, MI
Specializing in Retired and
'Special Needs' Horses
Post-surgical, Post-Colic,
Broodmares, and Foaling
-Pasture and stall board available
-Large grass pastures with run-in shelters
-12x12 stalls with rubber mats and dutch       
-12x24 foaling stall
-Small 'recovery' paddock or turnout for         
 mares and foals
-We live on site and can provide 24 hour a
day care
-Outdoor sand riding ring
-Grass paths around pastures for riding
-Safe Ramm Fencing
Board Rates

Pasture Board- $265/month
-Includes large run-in shelters
-Feed 2x's per day (hay/grain)
-Stalled in bad weather at no charge

Stall Board- $325/month
-Stalled at night or during day (owner              
-Feed 2xs per day
-Dutch doors in stalls

Broodmare Care- $600/month
  -last month of pregnancy through                  

**Specialized feed programs available**
**Discounts for multiple horses**
**Call for pricing for injury/illness care**
-Supplements fed at no additional charge,
provided by horse owner

-Fly Masks and Blankets put on and taken off at
no charge, provided by horse owner

-Farrier and Vet scheduled regularly by farm, or
you can bring in your own vet/farrier
'Specialized Care' Available
Including broodmare care, foaling,
post-surgical care, bandaging of
wounds/surgery sites, post-colic
care/feeding, and other specialized care