Carrie Thorne, ESMT
Hamilton Ridge Farm, Inc
Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy...
Some of the Benefits of
Sports Massage Therapy for Your
Horse Include…

* Improved Circulation, Promoting
Rapid Healing of Injuries.

*Reduces Inflammation and Swelling

*Eases Muscle Spasms

*Relieves Tension

*Increases Flexibility and Suppleness

*Increases Range of Motion

*Enhances Muscle Tone

*Excellent for Injury Prevention

*Causes an Endorphine     Release

*Generally Improves the Disposition
of your Horse!!
Approximately 60% of your
horses total body weight is
muscle.  Equine Sports
Massage Therapy causes
your horse’s muscles to
relax and become more
elastic; increasing
flexibility, range of motion
and balance.   This makes
sports massage therapy a
great injury preventative.  
Massage can also help to
reduce inflammation and
swelling in joints, helping to
relieve pain and increasing
the production of Synovial
Fluid.  Equine Sports
Massage Therapy helps
relieve muscle tension and
spasms, keeping your
horses performing and
feeling their best.
$65 for the massage plus farm call based on your location
Call for scheduling and farm call rates.